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Sports Rehabilitation

Sports can be extremely competitive, and can strain the body to perform the myriad of demanding activities via strength, power, coordination, endurance, and control. 


Sports injuries can result from an acute traumatic event (ankle sprain), non-impact traumatic events (muscle rupture), repetitive overuse of a single area (shoulder tendinitis), or from general overuse demands on the body. In order to rehabilitate these injuries correctly, one must understand the effect a particular sport has on the impairment. 




Whether returning from ACL injury from a skiing accident, or a tendinitis strain from pitching, our therapist will individualize a program for you to not only rehabilitate the impairment with the latest ground breaking research, but recreate demanding sport conditions in order to excel with your abilities, and prevent re-injury. 




We work closely with all healthcare providers as well as coaches, to maintain a rehabilitation protocol that will help you return to sports quickly and pain-free. This, coupled with exercise science literature, is used to develop a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your every need to gain physical advantage in your sport.



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